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Terraforce UK

Terraforce UK is the ONLY manufacturer
and supplier of Terraforce Blocks in
England and Wales.
We deliver countrywide to retailers, the industrial sector and direct to the public
Terraforce blocks are unmatched in there versatility, both in application and elevation. The range of plantable blocks is suited to create environmentally friendly domestic or industrial installations and support sustainable development in soil stabilisation. Walls can range from light gravity walls to geogrid reinforced earth retaining or heavy gravity, double skin walls.
Terraforce concrete retaining blocks can easily support all the requirements of sustainable site development.  
The open horizontal surfaces encourage uninhibited penetration of water and a closed vertical surface structure provides for a maximum amount of soil within the wall (preventing backfill spillage) 
The flush-fitting horizontal interlock over the full width of the block, allows each retaining wall to be adapted to an existing site condition, whether it is a river bank or existing architectural structure.


The retaining block can, ALL IN ONE SYSTEM, offer:

•  Smooth round face blocks - block is stacked with rounded side to the front

•  Split straight face blocks - block is stacked with the rock face straight side to the front


Ideal for: Benefits & Features:
  • Domestic and commercial landscaping and noise control
  • Heavy duty erosion and sediment control
  • Storm water and sea shore erosion control
  • Light and do-it-yourself gardenscaping
  • Land reclamation and terracing - creating extra building space


  • Terraforce blocks are obtainable in different colours (Subject to minimum order)
  • The units are reversible for variations on elevation
  • Variable setback allows for a featuresque appearance
  • Design flexibility - corners, curves and stairs
  • Plant supportive rounded or rock - face elevation